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   Ricki Rarick Junior Golf 


Congratulations to Jim Warner for winning the "Play FREE Golf"  donation raffle! Jim won 36 rounds of golf for two people. The drawing was held yesterday during our "Swinging for Juniors" fund raising event for the Ricki Rarick Junior Golf Program at the Stone Canyon Club. 


Registration for 2014 

To join the Ricki Rarick Junior Golf program follow the steps below. As a Member, you will be eligible to compete in all the tournament events.

1. If you were a member previously, use your same ID & Password.

2. New members must Click on the link "Sign up now!" in the Player's Club

box and complete all of the required fields of information.

3. Pay the $20.00 annual membership fee

Membership is valid from January 1st - December 31st.  It is renewable on January 1st of each year.       

4. Parents and juniors must agree to:

      -Player Code of Conduct

      -Spectator Code of Conduct


To play in 2014 Ricki Rarick tournament events, all juniors 13 years and older must attend the following rules and etiquette clinic on Saturday, April 26th during Big Break Junior Golf event.
Online Rules Quiz 13-18: CLICK HERE (available soon)
The online test is required to be passed by all 12 & under junior golfers prior to their first round of competition.  TAKE QUIZ:  CLICK HERE (available soon)
If you have attend another rules and etiquette clinic this year from Ricki Rarick, JGAA or SAJGA it is not necessary to attend this clinic.

 Southern Chapter PGA Professionals 


2014 Tournament Schedule

Majors & Team Events                Date                     Site

Annual Meeting                             May 21            El Conquistador CC

Pro-Pro Championship                   May 21             El Conquistador CC        

Adult-Pro Junior                              Jul 12                Randolph Dell Urich

Senior-Women’s &                        Jul 30 – 31         Oro Valley CC  

Assistant Championship          

Chapter Championship               Aug 16-17           Sewailo Golf Club

Match Play Championship           Aug 27-28          The Stone Canyon Club

Semi-Annual Meeting                   Nov 3               El Rio / First Tee


Gibson Cup Matches                    Dec 13-14          Sewailo Golf Club 

Pro-Assistant                                  TBD                    TBD


Pro-Series    Date             Site

               May 1            La Paloma CC #2

               May 8          Randolph Dell Urich Golf Course #3

               June 12         The Gallery Golf Club #4

               July 3             Tucson National #5

               July 17           Sewailo Golf Club #6



Pro-Ams       Date             Site

               Jan 24          Silverbell Golf Course

               Feb 5            El Rio Golf Course

               May 19         Oro Valley CC

               Jun 20          The Gallery Golf Club

               Sept 5           The Stone Canyon Club

               Sep 29          Tucson National


PGA Professional Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
Click Here for the Agreement

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Tucson Junior Golf



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